Meerkat Media Collective

Seeing Through (2019, 9:54 minutes, view with red/cyan 3D glasses)

PASSWORD: Highline

A 3D exploration of what we see when we look at the city, and of what it takes to change points of view.


Seeing Through works as a triptych presenting three different evocations of the same New York cityscape. The first is your own – what do you pay attention to? The second offers the perspective of graffiti writers. They use the surfaces of the city as their canvas and a means of communication, and point out different values that they see in the cityscape. The third acknowledges the violent history of New York City and points to hidden stories that lie embedded in the cityscape and should not be forgotten.

FishWays - WORK IN PROGRESS - working title - please don't share

PASSWORD: A    (2 min excerpt)

This is a very early stage clip from the film I am currently working on (and mentioned in the application), about environment, infrastructure, and moving across borders.

This clip is a possible beginning. Other visual themes are urban infrastructure from New York and studio shots of hands building toys.

It will have an extensive soundscape and of course re-recording of the VO - it is still being written.

Dwellings (2014, 35 min audio loop, 20 min video loop, furniture)

PASSWORD: Home    (8 min excerpt)

Dwellings premiered as a public installation in Sternberg (aka Lindsay) Park in June of 2014. A temporary living room was constructed using furniture collected from homes and streets throughout the neighborhood. At the center of this living room was a television, and on its screen the streets that border the Los Sures neighborhood. Passersby were invited to take a seat and listen as residents living within these borders shared what the word “home” means to them.

Co-directed with Sam Richardson and Chloe Zimmerman while at the UnionDocs CoLab residency.

Bodil, 83 (2012,10 min)

The film follows Bodil as she moves around in everyday life and contemplate what growing old entails - when you insist on keeping up a healthy lifestyle.

The film was made as part of Sensory Relations, a research project I conducted at Aarhus University, Denmark. It was made in relation to a Ph.D-project by Kamilla Nørtoft on elderly people, social relations and health.

Finder Sted (Taking Place) (teaser, 2 min)


Taking Place is a short, partly animated documentary about ‘the city’. Not the one we sell to the tourists, but the places in between, the “unseen” city; the parts and details that we usually overlook or forget exist. To present this view of the city I am working with the renowned Danish artist HuskMitNavn. He is anonymous and unseen himself and in the film as VO only, alongside his animated characters taking us to secret spots, and to the realm of imagination. HuskMitNavn's stories brings into focus the aesthetic values of the cityscape and also the social and political values reflected in it.

Characters by HuskMitNavn, animation by Pernille Kjær. Teaser made during the AniDox:Lab residency. Currently applying for funding.

Division Avenue (2015, 13 min)

Short experimental documentary film about one of the most prominent yet often ignored landmarks of New York, the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway.

The film examines the architecture and fabric of the BQE through poetic imagery and experimental ambient sound recordings, inviting the audience to encounter urban landscape in a unique and curious way.

Co-directed with Janna Kyllästinen and produced by Alex Lazarowich while at the UnionDocs CoLab residency.

Sangita Priya - Lover of Music (DV, 2007, 35 minutes)

PASSWORD: A   (5:40 min excerpt, click "film" in menu to watch all)

From temples to recording studios of Kochi, Kerala in South India, we follow four musicians - a student and his master, a professional, and a promoter - all uniquely devoted to the music that permeates life in India.

God is believed to be a lover of music and so great care is taken to pass on the skill from generation to generation - and beyond.

MA thesis film from the Granada Centre for Visual Anthropology, University of Manchester, UK. Part of the Granada Centre Collection in the AlexanderStreetPress library.